Web design softwares have evolved over the last decade into really diverse platforms that enable web designers of all statures to create stunning and productive websites without having to give too much effort.

During the initial days of web designing, it was thought of as a complex profession that require extensive knowledge of coding, programming, and the various languages that go into it, but with the emergence of user-friendly and easy to use web design software web designing is no longer an Achilles heel and can be pursued by anybody who has the interest and some basic knowledge of website creation.

In this article, we have tried to articulate the best web design softwares of 2022 for your web designing boost up. Read on to know which web designing softwares are going to be saviors for the year:


Wix and its importance among web designers are increasing every day owing to its user-friendliness. Wix provides a lot more in terms of numerous easy-to-use templates, various packages, and a drag-and-drop editor. 

It is more of a website designer than a coding platform and hence can be used by beginners too, with much ease.

Although the platform has some drawbacks too. The tech support at Wix is seemingly slow and in some respects is limited in scope. But the amazing variety of templates, ease of operation, and pocket-friendly packages are a big yes!

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the oldest and yet amazingly advance web designing tool that enables users to create stunning websites without having to actually code them. It works by combining visual editor HTML editing bridging the gap of extensive knowledge of programming on the way to becoming a successful web designer.

One of the most attractive features of Dreamweaver is that it enables users to build responsive websites that work well on different devices. It was to provide multi monitor support for Windows and is chromium embedded framework friendly making it seamless to work with HTML5 elements. 


About WordPress, the most interesting fact is that it isn’t just a website builder but a content management system CMS. WordPress is one of the easiest interfaces that allow you to choose from more than 1,000 ready-to-use templates or even create a design of your own by using the drag and drop option available. 

It is easy to install which reduces the hassle of having to run several installation wizards. The icing on the cake, it offers a myriad of free add-ons that make your design even more illustrative and compelling. 

The only care that needs to be taken while using WordPress to create websites is turning off commenting to avoid spam. 


Webflow is a cloud-based platform that does not require any prior knowledge of coding to create a web design. Webflow is cross platform and web based which emphasizes on smart codelessness. If you choose its ‘I have no prior knowledge of coding’ option Webflow, itself create the necessary codes claim. what more could you ask of a web designing software that can help you create full fledged websites without having to learn coding from scratch. 

To top it all you can also take up its starter package allows you to create up to 2 free projects. 


Blue fish is a very compact web design software that takes less than a minute to install and it  which created  for the beginners it is equipped with straight forward toolbars, syntax highlighting option and customisable menus.

It has a text-only interface. 

You will face no problem in working between different documents while using Bluefish. 

And the best part is available to use for free. 


The brainchild of engineering team at Twitter, Bootstrap Is library of schools that simplify the web designing process for you. The extensive library of Bootstrap contains headings, navigation buttons, forms and more. 

It offers a variety of amazing features and to begin working on it, you just have to download the latest version of it and start!


Squarespace is seen as an alternative to Wix and WordPress and pretty much in the same way as Wix, it offers drag-and-drop interface ot build websites. 

It offers many color schemes, customizations and also the standards that are expected such as SSL encryption and buildability of an online store. 

Sketch 3

Sketch first gained popularity in the early 2010s when it won an award for design from Apple. Sketch has become a choice of designers owing to its uncrowded and intuitive interface that simplifies the designing process. It is complete with various plug-ins and integrations that add more power to your design. 

It is available for MacOS and comes with a 30 day trial. 

These tools are sure to make your web designing experience a fun ride and enjoyable learning experience. We hope that this article helps you to improve your web designing skills!

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