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It is not enough to have a website today. It is also necessary to have a website that gives you results. What’s the difference? Strategy! Want to know how? We can help. At Esite Bucket (a top-rated website development company in Kanpur), we specialize in the development of professional websites by using the most modern techniques for web development and design existing on the internet. With our years of experience and insight into visitors’ visual preferences, we design websites that are clean, clear, and customer-oriented. Our expertise lies behind providing solutions for all your web-related requirements like software and websites.. Whether you are looking to develop a quality e-commerce website for your business or looking for professionals who can migrate your existing website into a new technology platform, we offer you expertise that grows in almost every aspect of the web domain. We understand the importance of investing time in the savvy business practices of our clients first before jumping into development. By taking this approach, we are able to use our experienced team of the latest web development and the ultimate technical tools to provide you with a quality solution that promises a healthy experience.

Website Design Company In Kanpur – Our Services

At Esite Bucket, we intend to provide the one-stop solution for all your web-related requests rom simple website development to complex web-based solutions. Our current areas of development include:

Website Design & Development

We provide a complete solution, from initial ideation to designing, programming, and building a website. As one of the best website development companies in Kanpur, we ensure that your website is optimized for your rich user experience, helping each visitor turn into a new customer and maximize return on investment.

E-commerce website development

Are you looking to sell your products online? We can help there too! Our e-commerce system can easily be integrated into existing websites and we will take care of the setup with the merchant too. And once your website is up and running, we can help its marketing in getting good listings in Google.

Enterprise Software development

At Esite Bucket, we develop, manage and optimize business management software such as accounting software, warehouse management software, human resource management, customer management as per the needs and requirements of every type of business.

Payment Gateway Solutions

Integration with payment gateways is an essential requirement for online sales. At Esite Bucket, we have experience in the development of virtual stores integrated with payment gateways. Our entire implementation process is done by specialists with years of practice. We create and integrate custom payment gateways like Paypal, CCAvenue, Payoneer, etc.

Business Consultancy

Our website development company in Kanpur not only promotes websites but also provides your business with effective business solutions. By analyzing your needs, identifying problem areas, migration of applications and systems, necessary maintenance, infrastructure assessment, we offer a complete set of solutions that are aimed to reduce technology costs and increase the profitability of your company.

Embedded Solutions

 Our Software company in Kanpur also focusses on building programs that run on high end Hardware Systems. Our Embedded software tends to solve the complex problems of a hardware in a very efficient manner . We design and develop IOT based programs and solutions for the ease of our customers . As an IOT developer we work in ARM & STM based boards.

How we do it at our Website design company in Kanpur?

Step 1 - Briefing

The first stage of the web design project is the formation of a briefing. In this step, we gather all available information about the project, your company, your profile, your target audience and your competitors. All important information is separated and provided to each member of the team who will work on the project.

Step 2 - Research

In this step, we undertake the research relating to your website structure, its semantics, etc. We seek this information to understand what signs and symbols are inherent to your web design as well as the scope of the target audience. During this step, similar materials are also raised to support choices in terms of design and information structure.

Step 3 - Development

At this stage, we effectively visualize the project, taking into account all the information that we have collected so far, and then further integrating them with the concepts acquired over the years of experience. In this step, ideas flow freely to ensure that the best choices have been made for web design.

Why should you choose us?

With years of industry experience and extensive knowledge and skills, we have complete confidence in making your website the pinnacle of your business!

High-tech specialist, applying the latest technology

A team of highly trained technical experts, always keeping up with the development trend of the technology roadmap, ensuring your products are always the best quality and most modern.

Optimization - Safety & Security

Products are always supported to upgrade, maintain, and continuously update new features. Automatic backup data storage system and absolute protection firewall prevent any outside intrusion.

Professional and enthusiastic 24/7 consulting support

We are always ready to answer 24/7, ensuring that the information provided to you is completely authentic. You can contact us immediately for assistance if needed.

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Software Maintenance Services

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How do I know when my company needs Website Development?

Identifying whether your website is in need of a revamp is simple. You just need to observe if your website is in accordance with the latest market trends and whether its structure is designed in a way that it is easy to navigate and find all the required information. You will have to check whether it is a Responsive Site. Also, it is not only about the website’s ergonomics but also its look. Whether you think your website is giving the desired and appropriate image of your company to your consumer. If not, then we can think of creating something innovative to improve your results.

How long does it take to build a website at your Website development company in Kanpur?<br />

The time taken to build a particular website is never fixed. Some websites can take months of design and development while other sites might just take a few weeks. Each business has its own needs and requirements and every customer has different goals when it comes to their websites. As such in this situation, it’s hard to predict the time taken to build a website before getting to know our clients’ requirements! Through discussions, we can plan and understand the expectations and then estimate the expected time.

Why should I invest in your Website development company in Kanpur?

At Esite Bucket, we always balance the customer’s budget to provide a website interface that interacts well with the user and fits the customer’s budget. We also understand the wishes of customers while using the website, which is why we have a team dedicated to supporting customers at all times.