Web design is a very dynamic realm of work that is constantly evolving with changing technology with each passing day. It is nearly impossible to stay stuck with a particular paradigm when talking about the principles of web design. 

The principles of web design have been changing according to the changing technological scenario. Because web design is all about attracting more and more viewers and converting them into potential customers, optimizations towards the same goals are what constitute the regulations required to run a good ideal. 

While generic websites are easier to create they do not serve the purpose of gaining customers according to the requirement of business customised effective websites our need of growing businesses that can serve the purpose of gaining more converts for business.

Let us now look into the five most important principles of web design that determine how good your website performed among the other competitors on the world wide web.

A clear purpose of the website

When we say purpose I mean that every element in your website Should be awesome substantial use and should not feel like it is just there. a good website has intelligently placed elements that are not overstuffed and do not overcrowd the view. 

The various elements of the website and be put in a way such that they help the viewers to understand the purpose of your business, to navigate through various web pages, create a synchronisation among various sections, or to initiate conversations or transactions.

Loading time minimised

If you are In the shoes of a viewer you know how irritating it can be to see a website load for several minutes before it opens up. One of the major reasons why most websites are unable to get any viewers is the long span of time that it takes to load fully on the screen. Hence to make your website stand out from the crowd, you need to ensure that your website does not take too long to load or respond to the actions that viewers take. 

You might have a beautiful, very interactive and purposeful website but if it is not load in time it is useless for the fast-paced users today. 

But good news is there are several ways to optimise the loading time of your website full stop you can begin by trying to minimise the image size, putting all of your code in HTML CSS and JavaScript file and carrying out regular speed check of your website with the help of Google Pagespeed Checker.

Communication simplified

By this we mean that you should keep in mind that the time of your viewers is precious and so they do not want to waste it and reading too much of text which does not answer their questions or convey required amount of information all at the same time. 

For this you need to to keep in mind that your content is both visually and dramatically aligned in a very clean and hierarchical manner which makes it easy for the viewers to understand and hence they do not confuse the purpose of your business due to show of elements. 

Also make sure that you provide enough channels and contacts on your website to address the queries of customers if any and on time.

Typographical crispness

The text instrument to convey your ideas as a business to your viewers and hence the importance of placing the text in a clear and legible manner is a prerequisite to to a successful website.

While decorative fonts look beautiful they are highly an advised because the illegibility of these fonts is more compared to simple sans-serif fonts. 

Fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Calibri et cetera are better to be used for the body text because they are easy to read and comprehend.

Also keep in mind that good web design does not use more than three points and  three type faces for the various texts including heading, body text and elements all. 


Gone are the days when responsiveness was not considered as an essential feature of a good web design. With the ever increasing uses of Smartphones and majority of ususing websites on mobile devices responsive web design is not just important from the SEO view point but also because most of your potential customers are browsing the web on mobile devices rather than  fix device is such a laptop computers, laptops etc. 

While on the web your website is the face of your online this just as your shop is for your answer it is important to maintain a good web design irrespective of what industry you are dealing in for what amount of customers you want to generate. a good web design encourages not trust customers but the workforce of your own company to work better or towards the development of business.