Best Software Development Company in  Lucknow

Best Software Development Company in Lucknow

Don’t you think it’s time to save cost and labor in the ever-growing technology world? In the business world, where the competitive environment is increasing, companies that use technology correctly and efficiently are now increasing their profitability rates more. As a best software development company in Lucknow Esite Bucket, with its experienced team of professionals specialized in different technologies, offers web-based, desktop, and mobile special application solutions that meet all kinds of software needs of your company. We produce software solutions that provide full efficiency and usability to institutions. Thanks to our expert software team, we increase your in-house productivity while reducing your labor costs. The small, medium or large-scale software solutions we produce make your work easier and move you further.Our primary goal is to provide resource and cost savings by strengthening the corporate structures of our customers and transferring operational business to the digital world, with the software solutions we have developed for the needs of our customers.

How We Do It At Our Software Development Company In Lucknow

We have worked on several special software projects over time. These are the programs made to speed up processes such as production, delivery, control, accounting, customer follow-up in your company and to save you time. In short, we make whatever program you want and offer it to your use.

Listen to Your Requests

At the first stage, we get to know your company, follow all processes closely, produce ideas to speed them up, and listen to your wishes and needs.

Start the Application

Using the power of technology, we begin to prepare the requests we receive from you and share them with you step by step. Moreover, we create it so that you can use it on your phone, tablet, and computer.

Handover The Software For Your Use

After completing the software and testing processes, we offer the program that we have specially prepared for you. Now everything is as you want and under your control!

Features Of Our Software Development Company In Lucknow

Saves Time

With special software programs, you save time by completing stages such as production and shipment in a shorter time.


If there are programs such as accounting, stock tracking, and CRM that you use, we can integrate with all of them so that all stages work simultaneously with each other.

Detailed Reporting

In the reporting section, you can get a detailed report for the metric you want. You can find sales, production, deliveries, income and expenses, more.

Create Offer

You can create your offers from one place, add content such as pictures and videos, and instantly send your offer to the person you want through your system.


By adding a messaging section to the program we will prepare, we can enable all people in your company to interact with each other faster. These were just a few. Contact us for more, start explaining the program you have in mind, and provide your job control.

Software Development services In Lucknow

Types Of Software we create

Inventory And Billing Software

Accounting & ERP Software

Customer Resource Management Software

School Management Software

Hospital Management Software

Office Management Software

500+ Companies Catered For Their Software Needs. Request A Quote

Why Choose Our Software Development Company In Lucknow

Today, a modern business cannot be imagined without the use of software that allows you to reduce time and financial costs, solve complex day-to-day problems, optimize both the internal work and the process of interaction with customers. All along reducing the risks and increasing the competitiveness of companies. Thanks to our years of experience in custom software development and understanding the business processes of various companies, we are capable of meeting the needs of our customers and helping them achieve their goals. Where most of the software development companies in Lucknow offer you a “system”, “product”, “program” – we offer a real tool for the growth of your business.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should work with us

  We have worked with prominent companies and gained experience in many different industrial sectors through our software development projects.

  We pay special attention to learning about the latest technologies, and we use this knowledge to carry out our software development work.

We lay heavy emphasis on R&D software development projects. It is important for us to be active participants in shaping the future.

 We have outstanding experience in the development of complex IT systems.

 Trust and long-term cooperation characterize our relationships with our customers and partners.

Steps that we follow to build a software

Define the company's business goals

In order to provide successful business software to the company, it is necessary to first define what the business goals are and how to be implemented and implemented in the enterprise. We do the same and proceed further.

Describe the company's work processes

We write down all business processes in the company from the entrance to the exit of a business transaction. Processes from negotiation to execution and issuance.

Focus on how business software optimizes processes

Focus on what functionality and connectivity there is between the modules. What information needs to be processed, what are the resources for maintaining the information and how could it be useful to you?

Optimize system maintenance

Business software is a powerful weapon that requires input and maintenance of information.

Prepare data for migration in the software

We prepare in advance a set of data to migrate to the software. Data such as: Contractors, Customers, Nomenclatures and stocks, Current contracts, Orders in and for execution, etc.

Take your time

Take the time to write, check and reassure the correct implementation of the processes, work and test each functionality. The software is for you and only you can put the seal on the proper operation and implementation of the software.

Set aside a budget

Implementing business processes in software is a long and expensive process. Set aside a budget for initial investment and a budget for upgrading and optimizing. Running software is never limited to originally developed modules. In the process of work and satisfaction with the implementation, new desires for automation and upgrading arise.

Prepare for change

Change is always positive, but it is not always easily and quickly accepted by your employees and yourself. Consistency and time are needed to change the established habits in the company.

Prepare for refinements

Modifications, upgrades or modifications of already created modules are possible. Modification may be necessary due to legal changes and requirements, company development or simply optimization.

Don't expect the software to work in one day or the software to work on its own!

The implementation of business software in the company is related to the training you and your employees, transitioning from old to new habits and building a new culture for work. The software works for you when you work with it.

Involve employees who perform these processes and who will work with the software

We do involve our software developers from the individual offline processes for scheduling software modules. They work every day with these processes and they know best where and what needs to be optimized in their daily work. Call us to hire our software developers in Lucknow.

Technologies that we use to build a software


PHP is one of the most common languages on the web. WordPress, the most popular CMS based on PHP, runs ~ 33% of websites. Other big names like Facebook have built their web applications in this language, however incorporating their own tools (notably a virtual machine that transforms PHP code into C ++).PHP is often the entry point for developers when they are learning, because it is easy to learn and implement. Long criticized for its lack of consistency, especially in its object model, it has improved over the major versions.


JavaScript has long been the poor relation of the web, suffering from its lack of consistency, as well as variable support depending on the browser. It has made a omeback since the advent of Node.js, offering the possibility of interpreting JavaScript on the server side, as well as thanks to the continuous improvements of the rendering engines allowing it to achieve a very good level of performance.


Java offers a number of advantages, one of which is that it is very popular. It is used both on the web with J2EE, but also on the mobile, being in particular the language used by Android. Java, as a compiled language, relies heavily on the JVM, which has continued to improve. Java has a very large ecosystem with the drawback of being a very verbose language.


Python has recently regained its nobility, being widely used in the field of data processing (machine learning, BI, etc.). It has a very rich ecosystem in this area.This comeback was not obvious. Indeed Python 3 (the current major version) is not compatible with version 2, which considerably complicated its adoption.


C# is a language widely used by software developers for Windows. The community is therefore large and therefore ASP.NET, Microsoft’s web framework, is also quite widespread. But to get the maximum benefit from it, it is essential to use Microsoft products like SQL Server for the database and Windows Server to host your web applications.


C++ was created with a particular approach in mind, that of providing a consistent, concise and pleasant language for developers to use. Although offering a very extensive ecosystem and significant use in the United States, it suffers from a lack of qualified developers

500+ Companies Catered For Their Software Needs. Request A Quote

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Why do I need a software development company in Lucknow?

The main task of the software company you choose to work with is to provide you with consultancy on issues such as websites, advertisements, mobile applications, and design, which are elements of the digital world. The software company can help you in all areas of the digital world. Doing everything from the projects you want to do to consultancy service with professional help will allow you to get much better results.

What is Custom Software offered at your company?

Special software means that it is specially designed for companies to perform all the operations they need. There are programs in the market that can serve the business world in very general terms. However, since integrating these programs into the working systems of companies is not easy, hence, software tailored to companies is a logical option instead. The programs available to the general public may not meet the needs of your company, or the unnecessary features they contain may not appeal to you.

How do I choose the top software development company in Lucknow?

Software development projects are created with a long and detailed study. The probability of encountering many problems during the working period is quite high. You need to make sure that the company you will work with can deal with these problems professionally. Look for firms using up-to-date technology, follow technology closely and attach importance to development, progress, and up-to-dateness. Knowing such features, you will be more likely to have an idea about the quality of the project you will have.

What platforms do you offer at your software company?

At Esite Bucket, we create Inventory And Billing Software, Accounting ERP Software, Customer Resource Management Software, School Management Software, Hospital Management Software, Office Management Software, etc. on these 4 platforms:

  • .NET Visual C#
  • Qt C++ & Visual C++
  • Java & Java EE
  • PHP & PHP Laravel