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If you need to develop, create and implement, refine application software for your store, warehouse, factory, logistics business, company, service, institution, etc. Esite Bucket is a professional Ruby on Rails application software development company in Lucknow for all levels of complexity. Here we have professional and highly qualified specialists in this field. Our team consists of project managers, business consultants, designers, software engineers, programmers, testers, and rewriters. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience developing web projects and software using a variety of development languages and platforms. Our skills and knowledge allow us to successfully select the appropriate platform or architecture for a project during development. Our company develops various level Ruby on Rails software applications for all kinds of businesses in Lucknow. Our only goal is to provide real help for any business or customer.

 About Ruby on Rails Software Application Development Framework

Ruby on Rails has become a popular programming language for website development because it is easy to learn, powerful, and scalable. We are the leading Ruby on Rails Software Company in Lucknow. Our team of skilled developers can help you design web applications that will function efficiently across varied devices, platforms, and browsers.

Ruby on Rails software application development is a popular choice among many organizations because it allows for rapid application development and prototyping. It provides an end-to-end solution that includes not only the language but also the framework, tools, databases, and deployment options. Ruby has been around since 1995; however, its popularity skyrocketed after 2007 when David Heinemeier Hansson created Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is a server-side platform that can be used to create dynamic web applications. It follows Model View Controller (MVC) architecture which separates the user interface from application logic, making it easier for developers to modify or update one without affecting the other.

Ruby on Rails is based on Ruby, a programming language that offers many built-in functionalities and convenience features. For instance, Ruby comes with a built-in array data structure and many core methods for performing operations on arrays. This makes it easier to work with lists, grids, or large datasets within the application.

Why use Ruby on Rails Software Application Development Services?

The reason we use Ruby on Rails development services is that it offers a great balance between rapid application development and robustness. Ruby on Rails can be used to quickly create prototypes, or for developing high-performance web applications. It also has a huge library of open source gems that can be used to add functionality to your application without having to write any code yourself.

Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework that is used to build scalable and robust web applications. It’s a popular choice for startups due to its ease of use, but it can also be scaled up to power mega-sites like Airbnb and Hulu. Some of the Worlds best websites are built on Ruby on Rails like:-

  1. Airbnb
  2. Basecamp
  3. Github
  4. Slideshare
  5. Shopify
  6. Somgplo
  7. Soundcloud
  8. Stackoverflow
  9. Twitter
  10. Weebly

Esite Bucket’s Ruby on Rails Software Application Development Process

Our Process involves understanding your requirements, designing the solution, developing the software, testing it, and then deploying it. We also provide post-deployment support and maintenance so that you can keep using the software without any issues. Our Ruby on Rails Software Application Development solutions are scalable, robust, secure, and easy to use.

Survey of customer requirements

Survey the detailed business requirements of customers, assess the current status, business processes, IT infrastructure of the business to advise on building the best application. Requirements gathering and analysis: The first step is to gather the requirements and analyze them. We work with you to understand your specific needs and goals.

Analysis and Deployment

We build a set of documents for system analysis. Unify those sets of documents, develop software and adjust according to management requirements.

System design and programming

Based on business requirements and documents, we will conduct a detailed design and switch to programming and building the system that the document has analyzed. Once the requirements are gathered, we design a prototype that meets your specific needs. We will work with you to develop a custom software solution that meets your requirements and budget.

Install and run test

We will work with you to develop a custom software solution that meets your requirements and budget. After completing the system, we will install the computer and run the test to determine its efficiency and debug till it becomes flawless and fast.


Consulting, support, transfer

After the system is completed, we will send consultants, guide the software operation and transfer the software to our potential customers.

Consulting for future expansion and expansion

During the software operation, we monitor, adjust, upgrade the software version, expand to match the development of the company.

Features Of Our Software Application Development through Ruby on Rails In Lucknow

Easy to manage

We use separate software suitable for company needs, easy to manage software with a flexible and modern interface.

Information security

Since no mass software is used, information about the business will be highly confidential and secure.

Easy to upgrade and develop

Our Ruby on Rails software application development company in Lucknow provides you with many benefits such as easy upgrading, adjusting the software as you like.

Save management time

Instead of having to spend a lot of time learning, now software development as you like will help you get used to the software faster, saving a lot of time when managing.

High reliability

With the design of their own software, customers can rest assured to use it when the company develops and will upgrade and maintain the software according to customer requirements.

Enhance your Business with our Ruby on Rails Software Application Development Services

We help out clients build features rich websites, web applications, and eCommerce stores with Ruby on Rails. Our developers are experienced in using the latest trends and technologies to deliver scalable solutions that meet your business needs. We have a proven track record of building complex systems within budget and timelines.

If you’re looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails software application development company to help you build your next web application, then please get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for a reliable Ruby on Rails development company, then look no further than Esitebucket Web Solution. We have been in the business for over a decade and have developed a team of skilled developers who can help you create web applications that are efficient and scalable. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Benefits of hiring the best Ruby on Rails Software Application Company in Lucknow

Our team here at Esite Bucket has accumulated extensive experience in implementing a large number of projects on various high-load platforms.

We have the skills to develop successful projects using a variety of technologies and are ready to offer solutions for the development of your existing or future business.

Our specialists are competent in the development and further support of projects, able to implement a high quality and efficient product that will be useful and easy to use.

Applying the acquired skills, our team provides an opportunity for each customer to reach a new level and tell the target audience about their products and services.

We are responsible for our work, so we create high-quality systems with an unusual design.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so we work to meet all your requirements and needs.


Why should I hire a Ruby on Rails software application development company in Lucknow for my business?

The development of software that will be used in business must have truly professional features and excellent functionality. Our Software development process forms and combines all needs and ideas, which turns into a real business project with the help of our developers. Such development has some differences from commercial development and in general from other software solutions.

What kind of services can I expect from your software development company in Lucknow?

At Esite Bucket, our solutions exist to help our clients with all their business needs. 

When it comes to any business project, you can expect the following from us:

  • Only a highly qualified developer with excellent practical skills works with each project;
  • We work in a wide range of knowledge and with a variety of programming skills;
  • We always try to combine outstanding and unique services and products during our work.
  • Each of our solutions is organized to improve existing development technologies, as well as their combination for a successful business.

How can your software development company in Lucknow help my business?

Our company will offer you the best solutions in software development, design for it high level of professional solutions for projects of varying complexity. We can assure each client of a transparent development process and provide them with the opportunity to participate in the development process with advice, thus ensuring the best possible understanding between the development team and the client. Due to extensive experience in implementing and developing software of various levels of complexity, our company adheres to a strict algorithm in the preparation and development of software. Properly identified needs, as well as analysis of problem areas in the work of your company, will make the most effective software.

What is software development?

This is an excellent and broad question for which we will try to provide you with a simple and complete answer.A theoretical definition to begin with: according to Wikipedia, software development “consists of studying, building, transforming, designing, developing, maintaining and improving the softwares . This definition may sound rather vague, but that’s because software development is a field spanning a lot of different fields. Developing software is a profession in its own right ! In a nutshell, software development covers the entire process, from its design to its installation, including maintenance and improvement. By using and combining different computer languages (such as JAVA, HTML, XML, SQL, C or even PHP), the programmer is able to create software from scratch. As with web development, it is better to entrust this task to professionals whose job it is: advanced software is a complex system where languages, syntax and various layers are intertwined. However, the similarity between web development and software development ends here.

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What is a software developer?

In the field of computing, a developer is a person responsible for designing and updating computer software or programs. They can work as a self-employed person or, as is often the case, on behalf of a company or agency. Also called a programmer or simply a developer, the software developer is above all a connoisseur of computer programming and the languages that compose it. In particular, they must produce the computer programs that will become software, then write the documentation to enable them to be used correctly. A good software developer must above all demonstrate rigor, an aptitude for working in a team, an advanced knowledge of several computer languages and English. He must also be able to work independently while having a developed empathic and creative fiber. One of the biggest advantages of the profession of software developer is the variety of missions entrusted to him : there is no software like any other, and often only the imagination limits the possibilities and achievements of the developer. As a painter expresses his talent on a canvas, the software developer creates a work using lines of code, which can have a notable daily and concrete use. We make it a point of honor to recruit competent software developers capable of bringing your project to life, of transforming an abstract idea into a tangible achievement. Trust their know-how and entrust our software development agency in Kanpur with all your software development projects. You will get a 100% personalized solution that will meet each of your specificities, whether they are needs or constraints.

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What is the price of custom software?

Like web development, the development of custom software is built gradually, step by step : we start by establishing a base that we consolidate before bringing the finishing touches. The advantage of made-to-measure resides particularly in these finishes, which will allow you, taking into account your business constraints, to simplify or even automate certain processes.As with the purchase of a vehicle, the price of your solution will depend on the options you choose : although there is no precise price base, it is generally necessary to count, for a “basic” software, a few thousand dollars. The necessary development time, the complexity of the project and the specificity of the request are all factors that are taken into account in the calculation of the final price. Often, a freelance independent developer will ask for less than a software development agency made up of a team of professionals. However, we advise you to remain cautious and favor a team with experience in general, in particular for projects of scope with an imperative of quality or with specific constraints / needs. Developing custom software of professional quality requires know-how and technicality that is not easy to acquire. Even for an agency made up of a team of engineers and professional developers like ours, it remains a stimulating challenge that requires all the attention and mobilizes all the skills of the team to achieve professional quality results. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized estimate taking into account all your specificities, in terms of needs but also of budget. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your situation.

What is the difference between software and web development?

It would be easy to confuse these two parts of IT development, especially for someone uninitiated. Although the basic problem is identical (responding to a particular need using an IT solution), the means of achieving it, the methods implemented are very specific. The difference is made first of all on the very nature of the project : while a web developer is responsible for designing a website (compatible with different internet browsers and on mobile devices), a software developer must design applications ( also called “software”), generally more complex to program and develop than a “simple” website. A simple example of this complexity: the number of computer languages that a software developer must know is much greater than for a web developer. Depending on the specificities of the project and the client, the development of software may require less easy languages of access or less widespread such as Ruby on Rail, Perl or Python, which often requires the software developer to specialize in one or more of these languages. Although there are many differences, methodologies (process) are very similar: in both cases. It all starts with the detailed study of customer needs, followed by the preparation of a model or prototype in taking into account the constraints and then the installation and maintenance of the solution.

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Vikram Malhotra

We learned about Esite Bucket from a quick Google Search. We chose after careful consideration and it turns out we made a great choice. Their understanding of our software needs for our business was simply remarkable. They developed it tailored completely around our needs and went above and beyond our expectations. Definitely one of the most promising software development companies in Lucknow.

Mahendra Singh

We have been working with EsiteBucket for over a year and in our time of working with them, we found them to be great professionals who are responsive and flexible. They are always open to our suggestions and constantly ask for feedback for improvement. If you are also looking to hire a Ruby on Rails Software Application development company in Lucknow for your business needs, I 100% recommend them.

Rakesh Tripathi

Partnership with EsiteBucket has put us at the forefront of technology. Needless to say, my experience with working with them was great. They have always been transparent and clear of the deadlines, providing me room to work with. One of the best Ruby on Rails Software Application development companies in Lucknow that will give you exactly what you want.